A well written ICU Nurse cover letter is the first impression of landing you a successful job by boosting your career. Nursing is a noble profession that requires lot of skills to deal with the patients and take good care of them. An ICU nurse position can be considered as the rewarding profession as they are the key tool for saving patients life from the dreadful disease. As a nurse you need to be efficient in handling various medical situations professionally with the help of your knowledge. You should have deep knowledge medical terminology and procedures used while dealing with the patients. With the starting paragraph you need to specify the experiences and background that you have as an ICU Nurse that is required to be a good and well trained ICU Nurse in your cover letter sample. You should always mention the specialization in each field such as pediatric, cardiology or other units. You can highlight your skills that include multitasking, excellent teamwork; computer operating knowledge and communication skills are very important in a nursing profession and can be included in your sample cover letter.

You can have a glance at the cover letter example that is pasted below to get a clear cut idea on constructing your own cover letter for the post of ICU Nurse and give a professional touch to your cover letter.


Sample ICU Nurse Cover Letter