When drafting a cover letter, there are a few points that one must keep in mind, lets look at some simple tips to writing a perfect cover letter.

  • Precise: a cover letter needs to be precise to be effective, the cover letter needs to let your future employer know your identity, the reason why you are sending across your resume, a brief summary of your experience and your knowledge of the position.
  • Well written: since the cover letter is going to be the first thing a future employer sees, the cover letter needs to be well written, free of any grammatical errors and well formatted.
  • Format: you should use a standard   font style that is clear and simple, the most common font is Times New Roman, Ariel or Calibri with sizes 10 or 12.
  • Don’t mirror the resume: One big no-no while drafting a cover letter is to mirror what on the resume, the cover letter needs to have information that is not present in the resume, like how you came across this job posting, tentative availability dates etc.
  • Attitude: the cover letter needs to reflect your attitude, it needs to be positive and upbeat and should reflect your confidence.
  •  Indicate follow up action:  You should include a follow up action like “ I would contact you in the next few days to confirm if you need any further information regarding my qualification and profile.